• We want to help you provide real value to your clients and prospects.

  • Helping your clients and prospects save on their largest expense, such as salary, is something all business owners want to know. 

  • You just introduce your clients and prospects as a lead. We will do the rest. 

  • 70% of businesses are not on salary sacrifice pensions. If they are, we can still help them save via our Pension Dashboard and encouraging employees to increase contribution from 8% to 15%. You can talk to 100% of the market. 

  • Full support from Mintago to help you engage with your clients and prospects.

Mintago for Business Advisors and Consultants

We've saved companies thousands.

86% of the UK's largest 350 companies use salary exchange but only 27% of small businesses. Join the savers.

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You stop losing money each month.

It makes business sense to use this HMRC approved scheme.

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How it works

We do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on putting the money you save to a better use

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We optimise you & your employees finances

You save: potentially £1000s per emp.

Your employees save: £1000s each

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Step 1

We switch you to Salary Sacrifice Pension 

You save: £400+ per employee 

Your employees save: £260+ each

 £10,000 p.a.


 £43,000 p.a.


 £23,000 p.a.


 £3,000 p.a.


 £13,000 p.a.


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We've saved companies thousands

86% of the FTSE 350 are saving. We help businesses of all sizes do the same.

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