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Happy, secure employees

They say money can't buy you happiness, but what it can buy you is security. When you are in control of your money a lot of other things in life fall into place.

Lower employee stress

Reduced productivity & churn as finances the single largest cause of employee stress (PWC).  Estimated value = £1,250 per financially stressed employee

Direct bottom-line impact

Overspending on NI due to low pension contributions. Estimated value = £240 per employee, per year

Financial wellbeing. The numbers

56% of employees say finances are the largest cause of stress (PWC)

97% of milennials don't save enough for retirement

2 in 5 in the UK are living payday to payday

11.5m have less than £100 saved 


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Free assessment for PayFit customers

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Still not convinced?

Case study 1: Global tech company
Saw over 70% of their workforce take up more of the employee benefits on offer to help them save. 50% of their staff made more pension contributions which led to direct bottom-line savings (reduced NI)

Case study 2: HQ of a FTSE multi-industry co.
100% increase uptake on the other financial benefits they offer via the financial education platform. With the data they received from the service, they are now able to understand what their employees really need

What else does Mintago do?

Mintago offers unbiased financial education and tools that empower employees to live financially happier and healthier lives, today and tomorrow

  • An unbiased financial education platform used by over 500,000 employees in the UK
  • Loved by employees: 69% employee engagement in the service

Why financial wellbeing?

Short, simple questionnaire

Your employees fill in a short simple survey on their current financial position, money worries, their values and their future goals

Personalised reporting

Employers receive consolidated results which can be used to understand and benchmark the financial health and overall wellbeing of the team

Wellbeing ROI maximised

These unique insights can be used to drive sustainable and meaningful change in the workplace.  

Simple. Insightful. Secure.

It takes your employees just 1-2 minutes to complete. It's completely anonymous and secure. We don't share your data with anyone. 


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